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Assessing & Developing Talent at Work

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Improve Competency Assessment and Employee Performance…

Gain fresh insights into developing Talent at Work with our Competency Assessment and Management Development tools. Resources include Pario Professional, for senior professionals and managers, the Pario 10 Questionnaire, designed to support competency-based interviewing, and our easily administered 360 degree feedback, which includes options for tailored design.

Pario Assessment adds focus to competency based interviewing, highlighting areas of potential strength and weaknesses that can be assessed in the context of specific role requirements.  We are leaders in management training that combines ‘Master-Class’ workshops with on-line follow-up, which can include individually tailored content for development of managers and leaders.

Note: We offer a MasterClass Workshop in Competency Profiling.

Assessing & Developing Talent at Work

Easy to use and cost-effective, with the option of a fully-tailored design

360 Degree Feedback

The most effective questionnaire for Competency Based Interviews?

Management Assessment

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Unlock the full potential of 360 degree feedback…

Pario 360 Degree Feedback Options include Directed Questions, Group Reports, and in-depth data analysis